Operation Management

Helping in execution of the business owner strategy. While Working closely with your team to manage day to day operations and SOP to streamline, simplify and standardize how things are run .

How Virtual Manager can help with operation management ?

VM Puts himself in your customer’s shoes and ask: is there anything in your buying process that could be simpler, quicker or more pleasant? Is the process documented ? Can it be automated ? Based on VM experience and industry best practices , VM can help customer to Streamline ,Optimize, automate .

Benefits of having SOP ?

  • Readiness for Future Growth
  • Control the Quality and Consistency of Your Product and service
  • Protect Yourself from Knowledge Loss
  • Save on Training Costs

How it works

  • Creation and maintenance of your Standard Operating & Procedures (SOP) Guides
  • Working operation improvement initiatives
  • Review of the key systems needed to run a business, including customer service, billing, communication, back-ups, marketing, follow-up, and delivery
  • Creation of processes, tools, and players for key systems within the business
  • Implementation of automated business tools & software to manage various systems.
  • Management of all client payments and collections process
  • Management of systems access and login information
  • Ensuring there is an effective backup system in place for all information (including the business owner’s computer!)
  • Establish decision making guidelines for team members