Virtual Manager works IN your business , so you have time to work ON your business

Do you need Virtual assistant ?

Virtual Manager can offer you more.  Virtual manager offers you managerial level support for your day to day business operation. VM prepares project briefs, provide tools, compile policies and procedures and offer guidance to your team, virtual assistant and sub-contractors .In summery , VM manages your back-end systems ,so you can stay on top of the game .

What is Virtual Manager?

VM is a service provider who manages your back-end operations . Offers management-level support to busy business owners. VM’s role is to manage all the pieces so that the business owner can be free to focus time and energy  on growth and expansion.

Are You Ready to Make Your Business Growth a Priority ?
  • When you require more professionalism to control and run the business
  • When Expansion of your business require expertise service to prepare and present to potential stakeholders
  • When Business face challenging times, and require assistance to evaluate the business options
  • When Business need fast financial information for decision making and reporting as per country regulatory requirements
  • When you need to know how your business runs internally and know your KPIs
How can we help?

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to manage the endless details of your business, you’re in the right place. A VM keeps your business growing by coordinating the people, processes and projects that are vital to the success of your business.

  • Conducting weekly team meetings including virtual Assistant
  • Holding regular meetings with the business owner to plan and review of the KPIs, projects, strategy
  • Supporting, motivating, and delegating to the team
  • Project management
  • Operations management (systems, workflows, client management)
  • Updating business documents and guidelines
Team Management

Team Management

Metric & Reporting

Matrices & Reporting

Operation Management

Project Management

Project Management


We serve our clients with the best practices available today in online business operation and management .

We implement proven systems that ensure our clients’ online business success. Implementing best practices in operation management adapting ITIL , lean Sigma , HDI ,PMP …. . Our team have wide experience in service delivery and management

We continually invest in our own training, so that we’re always implementing the latest methods with our clients.

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